Would you be interested in making a difference in the war against COVID-19 and post-COVID syndrome? Some people infected with COVID-19 get terribly ill, or get chronically ill, or die. Others do not. We want to determine the risk factors for these outcomes. To do so we need a control group of people who never had COVID-19. The only other requirements are age 18 and above and not being pregnant.

The following survey asks about your health and select medications. Like any online survey, there is a minimal risk of data breach, however the survey does not ask for any personally identifiable information. This survey is optional and has been approved by the IRB at Missouri Baptist Medical Center (MBMC). Your clicking on Next serves as your consent to participate.

Feel free to email Dr. Leonard Weinstock at [email protected] with questions.

Thank you for helping with this important research!

Leonard Weinstock, MD, Chief Investigator