The Stand Test for POTS

We created this app to help POTS patients get diagnosed more cheaply, easily and quickly. It enables any doctor or patient to learn about POTS and to perform the Stand Test (aka “poor man’s tilt table test”), which is the diagnostic test for POTS.

A POTS diagnosis opens the door not only to treatment, but also to social support, answers, and practical lifestyle solutions. The average time to POTS diagnosis is currently six years. We hope this app can make it much, much faster.

Jill's Pills

When Jill was diagnosed with POTS, she was prescribed 19 different pills! Some had requirements about timing, food, having an empty stomach, or not taking them if she planned to lie down. Her whole life became a harried pill-management challenge, and every time she tried to get out and enjoy life a little, her pill routine would need adjusting. We created this app so Jill could have a fun, flexible schedule and take her pills properly. We hope you never have to take a zillion pills, but if you do, we hope this helps. To your health!