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Like you, we want to feel better faster. We are patients aspiring to be proactive and productive, seeking ever-better practical solutions until a cure comes along. We created our latest survey to learn more about quality of life with POTS and to help guide the creation of practical solutions for living better.

We’ve teamed up with experts from Wittenberg University and Standing Up To POTS, so that our findings will have maximum impact. Dr. Cathy Pederson and Dr. Greta Hochsteler Mayer, who have expertise in biology, psychology and suicide prevention will use our findings to help promote awareness and practical solutions for living better.

At PatientsCount.org, we use the latest technology to keep answers secure and anonymous, and to make statistical analyses very fast. All we need are fellow patients (and non-patients) to complete the survey. Would you take the time to donate your data?

Patient-powered survey research is not a substitute for institutional medical research, but it's free, fast, anonymous, secure and helps us all find ways to FEEL BETTER FASTER.

We're excited to share, learn & improve with you!

Jill & Mike Brook

Frequently Asked Questions

Jill Brook, M.A.

Nutritionist, former researcher, POTSie

Jill grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, then earned degrees from Princeton University (1995) and UCLA (1998). She spent the next few years working as a health psychology researcher and statistician to some of the field's top researchers at Princeton and UCLA, and then became a nutrition researcher at the Pritikin Longevity Center in Santa Monica. Eventually she wanted to leave "the ivory tower" and work directly with clients, so Jill became a nutritionist in Pasadena, California. Her practice won numerous awards and Jill appeared multiple times on the Today show, Good Morning America, and in Disney's "Nutrition 101 with Jill Brook". She published 3 books, had her program replicated by doctors in India, and served as nutritionist to groups including Caltech and Disney. In 2013, POTS forced her to move to a cooler climate and work from home. She now offers nutrition consulting via phone and also volunteers as a research assistant and statistician to several top POTS researchers. She lives with her husband and dogs in California and Alaska.

Mike Brook

Software Developer, POTSpouse

After growing up in Concord, NH, Mike earned an engineering degree at Princeton (1996), then became a software developer in Southern California. He developed worldwide systems for Nestle USA, served as CIO to an online marketing firm, and performed an extreme technology makeover for Jill's nutrition practice when POTS necessitated that she work from home. He has made several POTS-inspired iPhone apps, including The Stand Test for POTS, Jill's Pills, 1-Minute Wellness Wins, 1-Minute Mood Wins, TriggerMapper and others. He is currently a telemedicine technologist, helping to improve medical care for Alaskans in remote villages. After witnessing Jill's 15-year search for a diagnosis and treatment, he is passionate about lending his efforts to patient-initiated solutions. He also loves cross-country skiing, dogs, and strong coffee.

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