Some like it hot...but not many

Earlier today we released a big long list of POTS symptoms and their reported frequency (read it here), so next we wondered whether symptoms were affected by heat and cold. We used the POTS Patient-Powered Survey to ask patients "how does temperature affect your POTS?" and here are the responses:

All temperatures are OK, 13 I'm heat-intolerant, 138 I'm cold-intolerant, 19 Both hot & cold cause problems, 254

Wow! We are quite the temperature-sensitive bunch! If we get more data, it will be interesting to see if we can find differences between those who are intolerant to heat versus cold.

How can we use this to feel better? Being prepared with some of the many temperature-regulating devices out there is a start. Hooray for the plethora of personal gadgetry that abounds...although my preferred method - after testing everything - is still a wet towel around my neck.

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